A Silly Song and Dance for a Kid's Smile

The other day, I had the funniest experience during a physical exam. The 10 yr old thought he was going to receive shots. Good news was he didn't need any. Bad news was he didn't believe me. I literally told him five times in different ways that he wasn't getting shots. Yet, he still didn't believe me. So, finally, I asked him, "What do I have to do, to make you believe me? Do I have to sing & dance?" He silently stared at me. So, I did. I sang, "There are no shots today" and topped it off with my hands up high for the finale. Guess what? He smiled. He believed me. Then, he said, "You mean I worried all that ... for nothing? We all laughed a lot with that comment. Sometimes, it takes a silly song & dance to do the trick. I am so happy that I made him happy :) That's one of the perks of being a pediatrician ... You can be a kid, be silly, get away with it, and even win a kid over. Awesome!

Nancy M. Silva, MD, FAAP

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