In Defense of Alicia Silverstone's Feeding Methods

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I'm generally not one to comment on my blog about the silly things that happen in the media. But lately there have been a few things about parenting and the choices people make in parenting their children that have pretty much just pissed me off. This is as good a place as any to vent my frustrations because a) the hubs tunes out when I complain to him since he's the only person around I can vent to, and b) venting on twitter is hard to do in 140 characters.

That said, today's rant is about the video that circulating around about Alicia Silverstone feeding food to her son directly from her mouth. The general consensus out there from the media reports that I've read -- as well as comments from people in my twitter timeline -- is that she's insane and that feeding your child that way is gross.


Might I remind people that before blenders and jarred baby food, and most certainly back in the day and back home (wherever back home is for you, for me it's Nigeria, where my family comes from), mothers for generations upon generations, back to the dawn of man (yah, that's right I said it, the dawn of man!) have been feeding their babies with pre-chewed food. How the heck else is a baby supposed to eat anything when transitioning from breast milk to solid food when a blender isn't handy and the food isn't way over-cooked?!? I don't know if you've ever tried it, but mashing foods such as meat or even some vegetables, is hard to do with a fork if they aren't cooked to a mushy pulp. I've tried it. It's stupid.

I'm still in the process of weaning my second son and if, on occasion, I want to broaden his baby food pallet by giving him something to eat from my plate, of course I'm gonna chew it up first before I feed it to him. I don't want him to choke on a piece of celery or carrot from my salad. I want him to have a piece of the tasty steak I'm eating for dinner. No, I'm not going to stop my meal to throw a bite of food into the baby bullet. That's silly and impractical. And impossible if we're eating a meal outside of our home by the way. And honestly, when I was a child, this is how I had my first taste of things like beef and chicken and goat (YES goat -- it's tender and flavorful and a staple meat in many parts of the world, google it, then get over it) from my mother's mouth, and even (*insert double gasp here*) from an aunt or other female member of my family who happened to be at mealtime with us. I grew up just fine.

And so will my sons.

And so will Alicia's.

So Joe/Jane Public, get off her damn back about it.


~Preshus Me~

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