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For over 25 years Similasan's Original Swiss Formulas - made with 100% Natural Active Ingredients - have been providing families with remedies that are naturally effective and safe and whose active ingredients have no known side effects or drug interactions.

That's why Similasan asked ten bloggers to share their experiences of when their child is under the weather.  Read how these bloggers create amusing activities, new recipes, and fun things they do to keep their kids as upbeat as they can be while home sick from school. Each blogger is also giving you a chance to win $100!  Follow their links below to enter.

Read how BooMama found ways to keep her son entertained that wouldn't interfere with getting him well and find out why she no longer uses markers that allow you to draw on window panes!

Jenna's Journey learned that her son's favorite activity when he's not feeling well is playing in the bath. See what other feel better tricks she's got up her sleeve.  

Swistle has her kids' sick days down to a science since she has "children in three different school buildings this year. We are doomed: we will get every single illness that goes around." Learn her plan of action for when her next child feels ill.

How did Bento Lunch keep her two kids, both suffering from middle ear infections and swimmer's ear, entertained? One of everyone's favorite activities was movie day on the couch. Read on to discover her other go-to activities.

Kirida has "played a variety of characters in her play called, 'Sick Day: A Musical of Hope.'” She's performed the roles of the waitress, librarian, and therapist. Read more to see how her play ends.

The Calm Before The Stork has been known to boil apple juice with fresh ginger for her son when he's sick and her secret additive to his beverages is honey. Learn what other natural cures she's recommending.

Find out how The Frugal Girl handles sick days with her homeschooling family, "because you can't exactly stay home from school when you live at your school."

Suburban Turmoil recreates her own childhood sick day memories for her children. "I know they feel special when they're sick--I can see it in their (tired, red) eyes. And it makes me feel like I'm doing a good job of being their mother, just as my mother did for me." 

When her three year old is sick, She's Becoming Doughmestic loves to take advantage of his slower time. One of her favorite activities is to bake cookies with him. "What it does is keeps him occupied with new tasks, and really keeps him learning as well. I love implementing ways to teach him numbers, and what could be better than counting out chocolate chips or eggs?" Learn her other tricks for keeping her son learning during sick days.   

Feels Like Home's favorite tip: "Above all, listen to your preschooler. If she says she just wants to lie down, let her. If she wants to play or read or do something, follow her lead." Check out her other great tips!

Kids bring all sorts of stuff home, be prepared with homeopathic Similasan Natural relief for the symptoms of Earache and Pink Eye.  Both are safe and effective remedies to help relieve the symptoms of earaches and pink eye using 100% natural active ingredients.


Earache Relief ear drops soothe the pain and discomfort of earaches caused by colds, flu, or swimmer’s ear. The homeopathic ingredients were specifically chosen to help relieve pain and itching, as well as act as a calmative for children or babies with an earache.




Pink Eye Relief eye drops relieve the redness, watery discharge and burning associated with viral and environmental conjunctivitis (pink eye). Help your kid's eyes feel better with Similasan’s Pink Eye Relief sterile eye drops.



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