Simple and Quick Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

Being the type of person who needs to stay constantly busy, I have a difficult time relaxing. And to be honest I just can't always find the time. However, I fear that it might be taking a toll on my mood and overall happiness. How can I fit relaxation into my busy schedule?
Relaxation and meditation are important steps towards having a life of greater peace, contentment, and happiness. Read on for more tips on how to incorporation relaxation and meditation into your own life.

There is a true spectrum of happiness.

Happiness as...

positive emotion - positive mood - resiliency - contentment - fulfillment - joy - bliss.

The higher states of happiness are available through setting the intention of connecting to something greater than yourself.  This intention will bring about a state of peace, tranquility, serenity, calm, and ease that will guide you into states of extreme joy and bliss!

Joy and bliss are often foreign concepts to the average person dealing with day-to-day life stressors. They may not register as options, let along as goals in and of themselves.

Yet, if you do focus on creating this state inside, all of the stressors will melt away. 

Who does not want to be joyous and blissful?

What if I asked you:

“Do you want to sign yourself up for misery, stress, suffering and depression, or boundless gratitude, unconditional acceptance, meaning and purpose beyond your wildest dreams, pure bliss and effervescent joy?”

Which would you want?


Hard choice, right?

One way to make this transition into joy and bliss is through relaxation and meditation.  This allows your mind to become still and at peace while you are able to get in touch with your true soul’s guidance. 

Even though there have been numerous benefits linked to meditation and relaxation, it is still a foreign concept and a perceived luxury to many.  Between work, school, kids, husband, eating, showering, sleeping, maybe exercising and socializing, who has time for meditation and relaxation?

I can hear you now...

“My to-do list is way too long to relax.” Or “meditation is only for gurus on mountaintops.”

Whatever your reason for being unable to make time to relax or meditate it can be put aside.  There are many more reasons to make meditation a priority in your daily happiness practice.

I meditate up to 4 times a day. My to-do list is eternal. I have found a way that is quick, easy, and effective and that allows me to be productive throughout the day and have peace of mind at the same time.

First Step: Get a Meditation Song You Love

I enjoy meditative and upbeat music that is relaxing to my soul. My song is 7 minutes long. 

Second Step: Lie Down

I play this song while lying down and placing one hand on my heart and one hand on my belly. 

Third Step: Empty Yourself

I then intend to release all thoughts, all emotions and all physical sensations. This brings me in touch with my soul. The emptiness is permission to release that which was created by external stimuli and to reach a more peaceful and tranquil state of divine bliss. 

The feelings I am able to achieve through a sense of emptiness, unity, acceptance, presence and peace are more enlightening to my experience than any egocentric thought, consequential emotional experience and physical sensation in my body. 

The lightness of bliss and tranquility of mind is how I would prefer to handle my to-do list. 

When I focus on maintaining this state in the process of accomplishing tasks, I am experiencing inspiration, motivation, clarity, calm, ease, and flow.  When I notice I am out of that experience, I quickly put on that 7-minute song and get back to my state of emptiness: emptying myself of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations so I can access my upward spiral yet again.

I really do want to emphasize the benefits of making time for active relaxation and meditation.  Without this as a daily happiness practice you are likely to feel off-balance, stressed out, discontented, unfulfilled, and a bunch of other negative emotional experiences and physical consequences. 

You DO have 7 minutes a day to take a break and focus on your breath, calm down, aim for emptiness. 

After making this a daily happiness habit, you could see an increase in your productivity, betterment in your relationships and an increase in your health and wellness.

When you focus your efforts and attention on creating peace and happiness from the inside out, whether it is through present-moment living, positive thinking or meditation, your upward spiral of life will soar! 

If you still are having a hard time committing to 7 minutes a day, here is the really quick version of how to achieve the benefits of 60 minutes of meditation in 60 seconds. If you do one of the following activities or a combination of the activities for a consecutive 60-second period, you will receive the same benefits of 60 minutes of meditation:

Say “yes!”

If you do this for a consecutive 60-second time frame, you will feel joy and bliss! 

Between the 7-minute emptiness meditation and the 60 seconds of "yessing," yawning or smiling, I am confident you will have more bliss and joy in your life.

What are your favorite relaxation techniques? And what benefits do you see from practicing them?

Dr. Aymee Coget, Sustainable Happiness Expert, founder of The Happiness Makeover™ Training Program offers services and products on how to become happier at her website Ask questions and visit her on Facebook or Twitter (@draymee), or her blog

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