a simple, easy way to stay a little cooler in the summer heat


hey all you smokin ladies out there! i know you love summer, but sometimes you just cant stand the scorching heat, right? well recently i have been doing a little experiment on myself, preparing for this post for you gals. okay, so, ladies, how many of you love that hot shower in the morning? only to get out of the steaming bathroom, and proceed to do make up and hair? only to find yourself sweating it all off shortly after? well i found the solution!( you have heard the old trick about rinsing hair with cool water,right? well, this is what i discovered about that trick also)

Take cooler showers! or, after a hot shower, splash your body, mainly your head and neck, with cold water, right before you get out. the cold temperatures will bring your body temp down a little, as thehot water will bring it up, which causes the 'make up meltdown" you get, this also keeps your body a little cooler during the day too, as your tempurature is already cooled down. and, of course, helps me, being from the hot state of Alabama, stay a little more comfortable, just a little longer, and it wakes me up too, having to keep up at the wee hours of 5 Am on weekdays. now, it wont keep you completely cool, all day long, but try it, bc you probally wont get as hot either.


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