Simple Living in Practice: 10 Cold Remedies for Elves Under the Weather?

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This is the worst time of year to get a cold. Everyone in my family has one and I was fortunate enough to get a cold sore the size of a pineapple on my lip. The perfect accessory to every holiday party!

I am not a health care provider the advice I give is my from my own personal experience. Please contact your doctor if your cold persists or your symptoms get more acute.

1. SLEEP: If you can take a day off and save your office from getting your bug do it. Work from home and nap. Go to bed early. Lack of sleep is probably why you got run down in the first place and your body really needs it to get over a cold.

2. CANCEL: The less running around you do the quicker you will recover. A busy schedule is a stressful schedule. Prioritize and delay or eliminate what isn't as important to do while you are ill.

3. DRINK: Not rum filled eggnog, no I'm talking about the kinds of liquids that help break up mucus. Hot teas: black, green, herb all with a little raw honey.

4. EAT SOUP: It is a way to get more hot liquids into you, also there is really research out there that shows that garlic and chicken broth really have properties that can help alleviate the symptoms of a cold. Make yourself a 40 Clove Chicken Soup!

5. SPRAY YOUR NOSE: Saline mist is just salted water that helps rinse your nose of the bacteria that cause colds, and it helps break down the mucus naturally. Spraying your nose daily with saline in the winter helps keep your sinuses moist, so they work better at keeping you from getting sick.

6. TAKE A BATH: Soak in a hot tub with epson salt for the aches and pains that sometimes accompany a cold. Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the tub to help you breath better.

7. TAKE HONEY FOR COUGHS: Especially raw honey has anti-bacterial properties, along with an ability to naturally sooth a tickle in your throat. I take a tablespoon at a time when I start to cough. 

8. VITAMIN C: I crave citrus fruit and juice when I am sick. I think your body really needs a lot of this immune boosting vitamin when you are ill. I drink packages of EMERGEN-C while I am sick. It seems to energize me, and I find that the citric acid helps to break up mucus. 

9. GET OUTSIDE: A short walk in cold air will literally clear your head. The coldness helps make the mucus drain. You also won't feel as achy if you move your body a little while you are sick. 

10. HYGIENE: You don't want to spread your cold to others, and you don't want to reinfect yourself so: sneeze into your arm, wash your hands after you blow your nose, and disinfect your computer, phone, door knobs and your toothbrush often while you are sick.

Get well soon and have a Happy Holiday!


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