Simple Southern Tips From The Georgia Girl's Kitchen

hubpages.comMany of you want to know how to give your food a little Southern twang. My mom taught me a few secrets I'll pass on to you. Maybe they aren't secrets to some but if you don't know about them you'll be glad I let the cat out of the bag.

1- Add a can of chicken broth or a few chicken bouillion cubes and a half cup water to any kind of beans, whether frozen, canned or fresh. Let them boil for at least 30 to 45 minutes or until the liquid cooks down. This gives your beans a wonderful Southern cooked flavor without all the fat from bacon, or fat drippings, or ham. Although any of these added to beans is absolutely fabulous but takes more time and adds to your cholesterol count.

2- Add a few tablespoons of mayo to mashed potatoes. These can be "real potatoes", or instant. If you want your instant potatoes to taste homemade the mayo gives them that flavor.

3- Add a little chicken broth and mayo to mashed potatoes. This gives a great Southern flavor and makes the potatoes so creamy. Your family will love 'em.

Hope you'll try these few little tidbits from the Georgia Girl's kitchen.

Anybody interested in cracklin' cornbread?


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