Simple Toys

I’ve been learning how simple toys can leave room for lots of open ended play. The fishing rod above I made cost me pennies. It is simply  stick with a string (and a tiny little piece of a stick that holds the velcro). I made these about a month ago and they are played with constantly by both kids. I bought a bunch of felt fish at a garage sale in my neighborhood for a couple dollars which we use with the poles. Cami has one friend in particular that when she comes over, they always end up making a pond of fish and fishing off the couch or something like that. Its fun to watch them trying to catch the little fish. It isn’t always easy with the string and velcro so they are learning to hold it really steady right before the velcro touches the fish. They make up a million exciting stories in the process of fishing.This is a picture of this fishing rod, before I glued the velcro on. Just so you can see exactly how easy it is for the hours of play that have been spent with these things.


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