Simple traffic rules?!

I moved to my current address about three years ago. There is something that I cannot understand and still at times irritates me.

There is a traffic light close-by that has one of those left turn signal that's triggered by car. On daily bases, I see at least one car that has stopped beyond the white line in the left turn lane. Naturally, they are not able to trigger the turn sign. These cars have to wait until someone else comes to the regular lane triggering the general green light. I've even seen cars that, because they cannot trigger the turn lane, ignore the red light and make the left turn!

What is wrong with these people? I've lived for oh-so many years and this is the first time that I'm seeing this. What do they gain for stopping beyond the white line: turn a couple of seconds earlier? This intersection is in town and I'm sure a lot of people are repeat offenders. Don't they learn?

It is a real mystery to me.



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