Simple tricks to keep you form the cancer stick

How to quit smoking without a patch was what I had in mind because they cost so munch. They show and after a while the glue from the patch gives you a rash, there is nothing sexy bout that and I thought, if the purpose of quitting smoking was living nicotine free, why have a patch inject me dosage of what’s poisoning me. So I refused. Continue chain smoking, in the year of 2000.

I was in a relationship with a non smoker and I figured that I was being selfish when you make the other person taste an ashtray every time we kissed.  But I wouldn’t quit, not even for love.

Then I started to think of “the core” of smoking, why I smoked, when I smoked. That’s when I realized that quitting could be the easier part. Not just for me but for every one.

We tend to smoke when we are stressed because it calms us down but the truth is that what really calms us down is the inhale –exhale breathing exercises we are doing, in yoga that is called “pranayamas exercises”.

If you are starting to quit to smoke what I highly recommend is to sip small amount of fresh water in between breaths every time you get the craves and if “you need” to feel something between your fingers always have a pen or pencil handy because that is just a psychological to hold something but it’s strong.

When you first start to detox the nicotine, go for long walks to sweat as much as you can, take two tea spoons of olive oil to expectorate, this cleans your system and take two pills a day of activated charcoal for five days or during the period of detox you are experiencing. I highly recommend doing a lot of breathing and stretching exercises like Yoga. Shower yourself with positive thinking.

If you smoke in a social setting only, you can stop yourself by thinking that you don’t want to be part of the Illegal Child labor policies these companies are using in Malawi. Or you don’t have to go far, think of the awful cigarettes lines around your mouth, your terrible dry skin at an early age or the trashy voice that smoking gives. And I’m not even mentioning the big times diseases that do kill.Share Share


So let’s recap:

Water sips instead of drags

Breathing in and out to relax instead of a hit

Hold a pen n between your fingers for distraction

You can do this – I did it – 10 years ago and kept it! 



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