Simple Ways to Host a Princess Party

It is so hard to believe that my baby girl is four because she acts like she is fourteen!

From wanting to wear heels and makeup to being a pretty princess she has my job cut out for me!  When she requested her birthday party be a princess party I cringed a little.  Just a little.  Who doesn't want to be a princess?  

I was worried about pulling it off.  

She also informed me that she was to have a rainbow cake covered in butterflies and flowers.  I accomplished the rainbow bit but butterflies and flowers was replaced with her adding her own touch of pizzazz with sprinkles and "fairy dust."

Since this will be the first party that she got to invite friends and her birthday falls in a month with unfavorable weather conditions we opted to have the party someplace other than out house.  

Besides, we were planning to have a family dinner the following evening so having another location makes it a true party weekend with less for me to clean up.

Location, Location, Location!

Once the theme was set we had to decide on a location. She is an ice cream fiend and even though she would have prefered Menchies, Malleys was a close second and way more accommodating for a princess party.  Besides, the place is already in her favorite color scheme!  And, I l-o-v-e Malley's.


Deciding on an activity. 

This is an old fashion ice cream parlor and the guests are preschoolers, a craft is a must. I found the perfect crown kits, that came with twelve crowns, twelve sheets of letters, twelve sheets of jewel stickers, and twelve sheets of foam sticky things.  And it was $7.25!

I found treat boxes that were the perfect size to put the crowns and the decorations for the crowns in plus some candy and bubbles.  While the kids waited for other guests to arrive (and the ice cream) they made their crowns.



I also wanted to do a photo booth with a princess theme and found a Disney princess backdrop that came with props.  The backdrop was huge!  The props were a good size put I added to it with my own ideas plus some word bubbles that said things like, Brains & Beauty and #EmbraceBossy.


Cake, cupcakes, ice cream or all three!

Since there was going to be ice cream I really struggled with having cake at the party and opted to have cupcakes to go.  I know you are probably thinking, "Isn't there a-l-w-a-y-s ice cream?" And, yes there is but it is an ice cream parlor and they are preschoolers, I worried about to much sugar.

Okay, I worried about their parents and too much sugar and I was so right!  I didn't want to waste a whole cake.  This way they get their cake and eat it, too! If they filled up on ice cream and don't want a cupcake they could take it with them or if they ate half the cupcake then there was a to go container ready and waiting.   
Baby girl had her heart set on a rainbow cake so I made rainbow (aka tie dyed) cupcakes and topped them with a crown/ring so they had one more item to add to their princess in a box kit.
It was a really fantastic day!

More party details and printables...