Here’s a little help for those of you that are having a hard time getting your ball to fly straight. Either you are pull hooking it or slicing the dog out of it.

When out on the driving range, try to feel that you are pulling the end of the grip into your left pocket if you are a right hander. Don’t release the club until you feel like the grip is at or past the pocket of your pants closest to the target.

Give yourself a grade. Don’t worry about where the ball is going just yet. You can waste 10 or 20 balls out of the bucket to help ingrain the feeling of leading the clubhead with your hands.

Take a swing and see how far you can pull the handle into your pocket before you release. Are you releasing the clubhead when the handle is by the pocket furthest away from the target? Sooner? Then you are casting the club. Swing again and feel the handle going past your left hip.

If you start doing this drill, it will help you get the clubface square to the target line and hitting the ball more solid.

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