Simplicity Sucks

Photo Cred: Organized
Photo Cred: Organized

In the last week I realized that for quite sometime I have been subconsciously searching for ways to make things in my life manageable by simplifying them. You know what I mean? Things like, a calendar that is highly functional  for all the appointments and things that I need to remember ( my daughter's practice and games, my mother's doctor's appointment, the cat's vet & grooming appointments, blog post schedules, work deadlines, lunch/drinks with friends, birthdays, anniversaries, [exhausted just typing this list]); a mail rack for the unending amount of paper and mail that seems to multiply when I'm not looking; and, let's not forget The Container Store with an answer to every out-of-place thing in my world of organized chaos;  and the list can go on.

As a self-proclaimed tech geek, I get really excited about gadgets especially when I think they can help keep me organized and on point. Don't get me wrong, it's important to be organized but what I came to understand is in my attempt to simplify things I was making myself crazy. What I really was doing was looking for ways to effectively manage an over crowded, over committed life calendar. I needed to realize that simplicity in itself didn't suck. Saying "yes" to too many things sucked!

This post is dedicated to everyone like me who takes on too much and keep adding more. "Why?", you ask. So glad you asked! What I have noticed is that in being busy all of the time that the I have neglected to master the simplest thing…the art of doing nothing!

What does relaxation look like? It's harder than it sounds if you are used to being busy and every time you sit down you think of all of the things that still need to be done.

I am taking a pledge to learn to relax. Truly relax; find time to be quiet; time to be still and meditate, each day. Even if it's only for 15 minutes. Will you take the pledge with me?