A Simply Delicious Cranberry Party

A few weeks ago I had a cranberry party. The Simply Cranberry Cocktail people (through BlogHer) contacted me and asked if I'd like to throw a dinner party and use their new Simply Cranberry Cocktail as a springboard for the menu-planning. ...more

Celebrating Spring with Cranberry Goodness!

My craving for cranberry juice peaks as the daffodils start poking through the snow each spring. Its refreshing tartness was my beverage of choice after both of our girls were born in the early springtime, and I can't help seeking it out this time of year. Sometimes I mix it with lemon-lime soda for a bubbly spritzer. But mostly I drink it straight-up, in all its bright puckery goodness....more

A Cranberry Cocktail a Refreshing Twist

It was nothing extravagant, but time with family is always special and my family, in particular, is fun. And because I'm not known for my cooking and baking skills, my husband went to our favorite Cupcakery, Velvet and picked out a dozen of our favorite flavors. With the deliciously rich cupcakes though, I decided to add Simply Cranberry Cocktail to the champagne to give our taste buds a little lift....more