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This Sunday night, The Simpsons will air an episode titled The Food Wife. It's a send-up of food blogging as only the Simpsons can do it—Marge, Lisa and Bart start a food blog called The Three Mouthketeers.

The Simpsons as food bloggers

Their blog will be the "kind where people take pictures of everything and write non-professional reviews," said Matt Selman, The Simpsons Executive Producer, in an interview with LA Weekly.

Here's a preview clip from the episode, which will air at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT on Fox:

Over on Delish, Kiri Tannenbaum noted this is not the first time The Simpsons has taken cartoon aim at the food industry:

This isn't the first time the writers of The Simpsons have jumped on a food trend. In this year's season premiere, Marge dreamed that she was a contestant (or cheftestant) on a reality cooking show, and Tom Colicchio deemed her peanut butter crackers transcendental. Lisa and Bart, of course, did not.

Serda of Fashion to Food is already a fan of the way the show has turned real-life celebrity chefs into their animated alterna-selves:

I love the look on Gordon Ramsay's face! How about Guy Fieri with his necklace? ... Foodies, mark this date in your calendars. Sounds like we can't miss this episode!

From Tony Bourdain to The Swedish Chef, this episode will feature plenty of cameos and guest appearances to keep food-lovers happy.

But will The Three Mouthketeers prove to be a Springfield success story? Foodie Buddha adamantly says no: he says Marge Simpson will be a terrible food blogger, whether she's writing about meals out, or dishes she cooks in her own kitchen. He has a hilarious list of five reasons that starts with this one:

Reason 1: Marge is totally unqualified to be a food blogger or critic. Anyone who has watched the show knows that Homer is the gourmand of the family. In season two, he even ate some poisonous fugu fish. And yes, though he survived, he was poisoned to the point where he thought he had seen his end of days. A man willing to risk his life for food is a man I’ll follow into the depths of hell.

Are you going to watch the Simpson family's debut as food bloggers? Share your thoughts about this animated turn of events in the comments below.

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Image Credit: Screen capture from Fox Broadcasting preview video.


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