Single? A Few Great Ideas for New Year's Eve

By now, every person on earth (or in the U.S) has most likely participated in at least one conversation where New Year’s Eve plans were the topic. Some people look forward to it, others dread it. Those who look forward to it usually have something pretty special planned. Those who dread it usually don’t. Lots of people harbor anxiety over New Year’s Eve, primarily, because of what seems to be the intense pressure to do something - something festive, something big. I think single women feel this even more than most.


But, really, it’s not necessary. While I like the idea of celebrating the passing of one year into another and all the hope and optimism that can bring, I do reject the notion that one has to mark this occasion in a big way. It’s possible to have an enjoyable New Year’s Eve without the forced exultations that seem to mark the holiday… and without a date.


A few things to think about:






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