The Single Gal's (Healthy) Brownie Binge Weekend!

What am I DOING this weekend?...

Does this answer your question?

The only reason I am not completelely and utterly guilt ridden, and slumped over with my head in the toilet in a vomitorium like the Romans (Ok it was a myth) is because these were those (previously) dreaded "Damn Healthy Brownies."  To my utter shock... It just so happens they delicious, are lower in fat than if I were to use the mass amounts of butter as I did in my other 'Road to Obesity' version, and are gluten-free as they are not made with flour but... are you sitting down? BLACK BEANS.

I digress I had no idea they would taste this good and that I would have all but eaten the whole tray in less than 24 hours.

What do you want? I am single, and bored... and NOT having any sex.

Without further adieu I give you:  "Those Damn Healthy Brownies"...

I assure you all of their chocolate-y, moist deliciousness as they have justifiably earned the 'Cakes McCain Dessert-Snob Seal of Approval.'

Now if you will all excuse me, I have a pan of brownies to finish... Buon Weekend!




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