Single Mom Fired For Her "Distracting" Wardrobe


You've probably already heard the story about former Citibank employee Debrahlee Lorenzana who claims she was fired because her employers found her wardrobe to be too "distracting" for her male colleagues?

The 33-year-old single mother is suing Citi for sexual harassment and now she's also in hot water with her current employer JP Morgan Chase, who has threatened to fire her for violating the company's code of conduct with her comments.  (Just wondering which code of conduct the current mortgage crisis violated?)

Something bugged me about this story when I read it and I couldn't put my finger on it.  At first I though it was because Lorenzana was playing the single mom card to mobilize a pity party.  Turtlenecks, sleeveless tops and pencil skirts are hardly inappropriate at the office but if she was 100% confident of her wardrobe choices, why would she play it?


In her interview with Momlogic, the Queens resident says, “Because you’re single and there’s only one family income, sometimes you have to put up with… harassment at work.  And we just stay quiet because at the end of the day, we need to feed our children.  Sometimes we overlook and let things pass that aren’t right, and I just want to tell the single moms to get up and stand up!”

But is the fact that she's a single mom really relevant to the story?  Way back I worked for City Council and a married admin assistant was hit on by her politician boss. When she didn't respond to his advances and complained, she was subsequently removed from her position and all his inappropriate behavior was swept under the rug and soon forgotten.  She was sexually harassed, out of a job, eventually her marriage and spent years depressed and in therapy getting it back to together.

This happened back in the early 90s and here we are two decades later, same old, same old.

What bugs me is that what remains a very serious problem is going to get lost in how Debrahlee got her double DD's.  It turns out she's had four plastic surgery procedures, including two breast augmentations and for one of those, Discovery Health cameras were following.  Her pouty photo shoots in a couple of NY media outlets make me wonder if all she was out for was a reality show for single moms and a bunch of cash?

As usual the olds boys lacking in self-control when it comes to women, who have each other's backs no matter what the shady deed, will be overshadowed by the women who society can dismiss the credibility of because they've learned how to profit from their misdeeds.

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