Sinkhole Swallows Florida Man As He Sleeps

Imagine you're fast asleep and you start to get that sinking feeling like the earth is moving. That is what happened to Tampa FL man, Jeff Bush, on Thursday night when a sinkhole opened up under his bedroom as the was sleeping. The entire bedroom sank beneath the earth as he screamed to his brother Jeremy for help.  His brother jumped in the hole and tried desperately to dig Jeff out of the rubble but couldn't find him. He said he thought he heard Jeff call out to him. Jeremy didn't stop searching until a rescue worker pulled him out. CNN reports:

"I heard a loud crash, like a train coming through the house," Jeremy Bush told CNN affiliate WFTS. "I heard my brother screaming and I ran back there and tried going inside his room, but my old lady turned the light on and all I seen was this big hole, a real big hole, and all I saw was his mattress."

Sinkhole house

A total of five people escaped from the blue 70's era house including a 2-year-old child. Thank God it didn't happen in the baby's room. The sinkhole in Jeff's room is about 30 feet wide and 30 feet deep, and it's getting wider by the minute.  It is still too dangerous for rescue workers to go in the hole, but their equipment has detected no signs of life and Jeff is presumed dead. The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office release the  911 call:

"Um, yes, we need and ambulance and a (inaudible) stuck under the house. The house just fell through. The bedroom floor just collapsed and by brother-in-law is in there. He's under the house" a female voice says on the recording. She asks for an ambulance and the police.

Sinkholes are common in Florida, but especially in Hillsborough County. They call that area "sinkhole alley", and it accounts for tow-thirds of all related insurance claims. Geology is to blame. Florida's bedrock consists mostly of limestone, which is quite porous. Adding to that is the fact that the Sunshine State has a water table and many aquifers under ground. Sometimes the acidic water  in some areas can eat through the limestone causing the ground to cave in.

The site remains unstable, hampering the recovery process. This is a tough situation for the rescue workers, but an even tougher one for Jeff's family.

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