Sins of the Mother

No. This post is not a review of the Lifetime movie with the same name as my post. This post is more about the stigma and pressure that society places on the shoulders of parents; in particular the mom’s. There are tons of rules about how we are “supposed” to raise our children. Without question we should breastfeed, use cloth diapers, delay vaccines [which, in my opinion is completely debatable and not necessary…but, anyway], feed our children only organic foods, keep a spotless house, bake cookies for the neighborhood kids, etc. etc. etc.

I’m here to own up to the fact that I’m not a perfect mother. I’m not the kind of mother that society deems “fit.”

Nothing in my house is organic. Instead, you’ll find frozen chicken nuggets, Pizza Pockets, and Bagel Bites in my freezer. Right beside the packs of frozen hamburger meat, steak and unending amounts of chicken breast.

My son recognizes the “golden arches” and knows that he get’s chicken nuggets when we visit.

There are some rare days when my son doesn’t even get a bath. Why? Because we haven’t gone anywhere for him to need one.

I forget to brush his teeth sometimes before bed. Or maybe I remember and am just too tired to fool with fighting with him for the toothbrush.


To continue reading this post on how I [and numerous other moms] don't measure up to societies standards of parenting, head over to my blog The Mommy Matters by clicking HERE!

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