Sinterklaas, Please Don't Beat My Child With That Stick!

The other day I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Dose of Reality. The Dose Girls wrote a hilarious post about trying to take the Perfect Holiday Photo. You can read their post here. We all have our expectations that we will take the perfect photo. In our minds they are amazing, in real life......not quite.

Take a look at this photo I took of my children when they were much younger. 



Looks fairly good right? Well, it's been prettied up by PicMonkey. In reality, my kids threw a fit about putting on their new Christmas outfits for a quick Christmas photo. We compromised. I figured since I could zoom in and make only their sweaters and faces visible that was all they needed to wear, right? So they wore sweaters and underwear. Unfortunately the picture was taken "old school", as in film. So above is the picture I envisioned (not put together by Pic Monkey).

But this is the picture I actually got. 

Christmascard B

Needless to say, Christmas cards did not go out that year!




Behold another wonderful Christmas picture!

Tessa crying


This really qualifies for Awkward Family Photos. I love the contrasts in this picture. My son is so happy and my daughter has had enough. I guess she had a good excuse. This was taken the next day after we brought her home on a 13 hour plane ride from Russia. My son was so excited she joined our family. My daughter....not so much!



I am not responsible for my inability to tame my daughter's hair

This is just bad Christmas hair!


One year, we spent Christmas one year on the island of Aruba. Since it is a Dutch island, they don't have Santa Claus. Instead they have Sinterklaas.  Sinterklaas and his elf, known as Black Pete, are quite the pair. Read this post here to read about our International Christmas. The Netherlands version of Santa is vastly different  from ours. Their Santa comes from Spain, drags a black servant elf named Black Pete with him and carries a stick to punish the unruly children. Parents threaten their children that if they aren’t good, Black Pete will kidnap them and take them back to Spain. Seriously.  


In this picture Black Pete looks like he is just waiting to wail on my daughter with that stick! If there was trouble I was prepared to carve my candy cane into a shiv and take out Black Pete and Sinterklaas. I'm sure it would have been an international incident.


What more can I say about this picture? Can't you just feel the Christmas love?

So Many Things Wrong Here
So Many Things Wrong Here



Every once and awhile you get lucky and get the great shot of Christmas trees

Getting The Tree
Getting The Tree Then


Getting The Tree This Year
Getting The Tree This Year

gathered, and laughter and love shared. It makes you forget about the bad hair, the pants-less Christmas cards, Sinterklaas getting a beat down and lack of family love.


When that happens, you feel like this...

The Feeling You Get When You Get The Best Picture
The Feeling You Get When You Get The Best Picture



Carla BeDell

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