Sip and Nibble


  Happy Fourth of July! Greeting from Steps4Health! How are you celebrating the Fourth? Viewing a parade or fireworks? Having a picnic or BBQ? Are you enjoying your summer? How do you beat the heat? When temperatures are high, some people eat light, especially when outdoors. They just sip and nibble through the heat. Have you been sipping and nibbling to fit into your swimsuit or shorts for the summer season? What do you sip and nibble on?

Sip on cranberry juice, nibble on a cheese stick,

Sip on lemonade, nibble on a handful of nuts,

Sip on cold milk, nibble on a piece of chocolate,

Sip on apple juice, nibble on chilled grapes,

Sip on lemon water, nibble on strawberries,

Sip on pomegranate juice, nibble on a few blueberries, and

Sip on ice water, nibble on a slice of watermelon!


Sip and nibble is the way to go in the summer heat! Have a safe Fourth of July holiday!


Bonya Matthews MPH

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