"Sister is Not a Fannafish"

"Sister is not a fannafish" kinda threw me off this morning.  What the heck was he talking about?   Little boy has been playing with rhymes and pretend words and interspersing them into his sentences but this sentence seemed like he was trying to talk in all seriousness.

He was eating his breakfast, a bowl of shredded wheats, purchased for the low sugar content, but which were decidedly not a hit, when he looked up and made this cryptic statement.

Luckily, thankfully, we can ask him to clarify.

"I don't understand.  Sister is not a ___?"  

He repeated himself several times before I finally figured it out.

Last week, Dad made them some salmon salad.  He said they both liked it and ate it up, but the next day she wasn't having any of the leftovers.  

We try to minimize the food likes and dislikes by suggesting that some days we like some things and other days we don't.  This gives us some future leeway, we hope, for little boy to reclaim broccoli which he used to love, and little girl to begin to like anything with a cooked zucchini or mushroom like texture.

But yet we see some pretty obvious food preferences.  Little boy loves salty things.  Little girl loves the sweets and the bread products.  Little boy likes apples and pears and little girl likes berries and kiwis. They both like pesto.  Thank goodness!  And they both used to like Thai food and Mexican food and we just figured we had it easy, but there are those days where we're pretty certain our kids would be quite content to eat pretzels, oranges and chewable vitamins from Trader Joe's on a desert island for years on end.

Neither like olives.  Both love peanut butter.  Brother does not care for blueberries and sister is not a fan of fish.


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