Sit, stay, drool, repeat

Help! I can't keep my dog out of my food blog pictures!

So I recently moved my food photography (using the term loosely) from the dining room to the living room.  Our rental offers a gloriously large window that provides amazing sun.

Our coffee table is perfectly perched near the window – and where I’ve been posing my latest creations.  Apparently, the table is also the perfect height for my chocolate Labrador, Sadie Mae, to look on as I fiddle, flash and snap.

Now I can’t seem to keep her out of my pictures. She is pretty obedient for the most part (she fetches the mail and the remote), but the previously honored “sit, stay” command has lost all meaning. I say the magic words, but then just as I press the shutter button a shiny, wet nose, floppy ears or a pair of bright yellow eyes appear in the shot.


and over... (more pictures)



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