Site says go ahead, criticize your neighbor-- for the benefit of prospective home buyers

One thing about the Web—you never know what you’ll find. For some home buyers, a new site might be even better than a low interest rate. I don't remember how I found the site that lets you post information about your neighbors—I was in a late night click and surf state of mind—but once I got there, I was hooked. Right at the top of the page, there’s a search form where you put in your zip code. Click on the search button, and presto, a map with virtual push pins pops up. “This has to be the trashiest apartment complex in Jacksonville,” one guest wrote. And it’s mostly downhill from there. To be fair, there are some posters who rave about their neighbors. But the majority of posters express frustration in specific terms. One person from Florida even names his terrible neighbor.

It’s simple and quick to put in your information if you’ve got a gripe about the people who live in your neighborhood. Read more at Covering Florida.


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