6 Assumptions NOT to Make About the Child-Free

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So, who's going to take care of us when we're old? Luckily, we have nieces and nephews to make sure we don't get abused in the old folks home and that no one steals our money. And, the nieces and nephews, as much as we love them, don't even have to visit us to make us happy. They'll have their own busy, productive lives, I pray. We can make our own happiness.

Still, I have to concede that maybe those last ten years from age 85 - 95 might really suck.

Yes, I can see what you mean.

But, the fifty or so years leading up to that? Should be awesome!

Thank you for reading and in the spirit of Roses, today, I am grateful ~
- that H and I are on the same page—I believe couples who are truly in love can compromise on anything—religion, culture, money, anything—but not kids. You can't have half a kid.
—and that we are now in a time in history when we can choose to be a family in any which way we want. We don't have to have kids to run the farm. We don't have to have kids because we don't have birth control. We can have kids purely to add enjoyment to our life … OR not have kids purely to add enjoyment to our life. The choice is ours. Thank G0d.

family is a choice

Thank you again for reading!

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