Six Different Styles of Camping

Do you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors? Communing with nature and creation in any climate situation?

I’m not one for communing with mosquitos and other buzzing things, but our boys certainly enjoy spending time outside. When our family decided to go camping, I immediately thought of tent camping. However, there must be other styles of camping, so I began my research about what’s available. For most of the types you read below, you won’t be surprised except for one. It’s definitely one that I don’t think most people would classify it as camping but take a look for yourself. You’ll notice the varying degrees of camping styles begin with the most comfortable to the least comfortable setting.

1. Cabin/Cottage Camping

This is the closest thing to living it up at a hotel. You’ve got four walls, a roof, a window (maybe two), and a door. If you’re lucky, you might have running water and restroom inside.

(Source: Manzanita Lake Camping Cabins, Tripadvisor)

Some cabins may offer more amenities like a kitchenette, which means cooking indoors. Other cabins may offer a/c, Internet, cable, but these amenities might defeat the purpose of getting closer with nature though. However, it’s a great introduction to camping, if you are little new to the camping experience. It’s also great for families with young children.

CalParksCo_Lassen_ camping

(Source: Lassen Volcanic National Park)

Cabin camping, also known as “going to the cottage,” is very popular in Michigan. In fact, many Michiganders dream of owning a cottage by Lake Michigan. It’s a popular choice to enjoy  a weekend getaway from suburban or urban life.

2. RV Camping

Recreational Vehicle (RV) camping is the way to go when you want to take your stuff and have freedom in mobility. You still have four walls and a roof, but it’s on wheels. Plus, it gives you options to take some of the comforts of home on the road. You can pack everything straight from your home to the RV parked in the driveway.

rv image

(Source: Burdge Law Office)

RV inteior

(Source: Photo Vide)

It’s also great for families who want easy access to showers, toilets, and even a tv, radio, and easy access to electrical outlets, in case you want to stay plugged in to your favorite social media sites. However, you need to be able to afford one (or rent one) and park it somewhere during the non-camping season.

3. Camper Camping

When I think of camper camping, Scooby Doo and the Gang’s camper van come to mind. The Scooby Gang can solve a mystery just about anywhere when they travel in a camper van. Similar to RV camping, camper camping is a smaller scale version. Although I’ve never been in one, I don’t think it offers some of the same conveniences, such as a toilet or shower. It still beats sleeping in a tent should there be a severe thunderstorm warning.

camper-van-telegraph camping style

(Source: Telegraph)

Cool-Camping-camper-van-vanlife1 camping style(Source: Inspired Camping)

4. Glamping

In my quest to find every available style of camping, I came across a hybrid form of camping, glamping. Combining the ruggedness of outdoor camping, glamping adds an element of class in the comforts of luxury, two combinations that I don’t think many of us would classify as camping.

glamping tent bloomberg business week camping style 
(Source: Bloomberg Businessweek)

Bringing the comforts of a bed outdoors make me think of those 90s music videos, pretending that sleeping in a bed under the stars would the ultimate romantic experience. Personally I’d still rather have my bed stationary in a high-rise four-star hotel any day over glamping.

glamping uk(Source:

If given the opportunity to try glamping, I think this would be a nice introduction to camping for the urban mom. Although I wonder if she’d shy away from a real camping experience.

5. Tent Camping

Tent camping is probably the most common form of camping when one thinks of camping. It’s got the ruggedness, family-building atmosphere, and gets back to the purity of camping.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ohio coleman camping tent

Yup, that’s our camping tent. We slept in a Coleman 6-person tent. Prof was used to the challenge of hammering in stakes, setting up a tent the old-fashioned way. Today the construction of new tents is built more like a portable baby crib with a flick of the wrist, the tent is all set up.

6. Camping with the Clothes Off Your Back

If setting up tents is too high maintenance for your tastes, then maybe you prefer sleeping directly under the stars, enduring through severe weather climates, living without a shower or toilet facilities, or cooking without a camp stove. You’re probably more interested in extreme camping like that of Bear Grylls.


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