Six little thoughts...

Maths joke: What comes before 10? The postie.

A woman's complaint: My sweeper is so weak it wouldn't suck a maggot off a chop.

The master penis operates the TV monitor, CD player, DVD player, radio, and surround sound. When I hold the master penis in my hand, I am holding something borrowed. I needed to laugh, if only for a minute Titirangi wood pigeon

Why do people say actions speak louder than words? Why do they say that words lie? Words do not lie although the action of the speaker may be one of betrayal. Actions betray far more often and more deeply than words ever could. Speaking is an action. Words can be stolen. How could we ever be honest with ourselves without words? How could we ever kill without action?

Dazzle is the most perfect word in the English language. To be dazzled is to indulge in pure joy. Dazzle me.

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