Six Months Later – The Romance Checkpoint

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This post is for the romantics - for those that actively pursue those passionate and romantic moments in a relationship.

It has been six months since “V” Day and time to prompt all you lovers to check the romance gauge in your relationship. Here is a checklist to get you started.


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In the past six months:

  •  Have you received chocolates, flowers, love notes, etc.?

  • Has he called you by that endearing love name (sweetie, baby, etc)?

  • Has he offered to massage your feet?

  • Has he dropped by the office lately just to take you to lunch?

  • Have you been surprised with an invitation to a romantic candlelight dinner (that you did not have to prepare)?

  • Have you showered together?

  • Has he greeted you in a state of (sexy) undress with a chilled glass of wine?

  • Have you been serenaded with your favorite love song?

  • Have you swayed in his arms to the sound of a jazz saxophone?

  • Have you participated in non-routine lovemaking?

Give your mate 10 points for every “YES” answer. Please deduct 5 points for every “NO” answer.

70 or Higher is Passing
69 or Lower is Failing

If your total is a negative number, then drop that Zero and get yourself a Hero (lol)!


How do you measure the romance in your relationship?

What are some of the things your mate does for you that you find romantic?



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