The Six Pounds I Gained Over The Holidays: It's So Hard To Say Goodbye!

Like many people, I gained about 5 or 6 pounds over the holidays.  I am pretty happy with that, given the rabid indulging that took place, and I’m now trying to knock them out before they get out of hand.  That said, I get a little misty thinking that they will soon be gone and all the fun we had together will be but a distant memory.  I put together a little reflection list so I could remember each one and how we met.

Pound 1 — You and I have been together the longest.  You came to me back in November just after Thanksgiving.  You were not from turkey and stuffing, but from desserts.  Specifically, a black russian cake that I made — twice.  One was made for an event that fell through, and I ate it all by myself in small ‘just one more‘-sized slivers.  The other was shared grudgingly with Thanksgiving company.

Pound 2 — This cute little guy came from an impulse fruitcake buy at The Fresh Market.  My thinking was that my dad and I are the only individuals on the planet that like fruitcake, so I could share with him when he visits!  Fast forward 2 days to when said fruitcake was all gone (without me having offered a bite to my dad) and pound 2 had glommed on for the ride.

Pound 3 — Pound 3 took the most work to gain.  Not only was there lots of stirring and baking involved, but there was also copious amounts of bowl licking, which came dangerously close to causing some sort of piggums-induced wrist injury.  It was with this pound that I started to notice the butt shelf extending a little (a ledge on my backside around my hip area that I use to carry children and hold doors open — also useful for displaying knick knacks).  ”That’s okay”, I told myself.  ”Joan from Mad Men has curves and she’s hot!”.  I’m no Joan but Pound 3 taught me to dream.

Pound 4 – Foursies latched on, not from Christmas goodies, but from the fast food I ate during the month because I was too exhausted from the voracious baking and eating to cook dinner for my family.  Two back-to-back visits to Five Guys and untold Chic Fil-a stops later I felt like I was one sandwich away from gastric bypass, but I hung in there, and boy was I glad I did.

Pounds 5 & 6 – Oh pounds 5 and 6.  I can’t believe our time together is almost over.  How time flies.  You were a combination of many things that all had to do with me “polishing off” things so I could clear out my house full of goodies and stop the madness.  My husband says I can’t use the words ‘polish off’ to describe eating something that was 3/4 or more full. He says it has to be in reference to something that is down to the last few bites.  I disagree.

Goodbye 5 pounds.  It’s been fun.  I can’t wait to see you again over summer vacation when we can bask in the sun and surf together.  You bring the delicious and I’ll bring the 14% spandex!



Susan Maccarelli

Blogger: Pecked To Death By Chickens



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