Six Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation

Going on vacation can be a stressful thing, from the planning to the packing to making sure everyone pees before they get in the car. You shouldn’t have to worry about your home being safe while you’re supposed to be focused on family fun.

Here are six tips to make your vacation a little less worrisome:

1. Have your mail and/or newspaper put on hold. You might even want to stop it a few days before you’re scheduled to leave to make sure there are no SNAFU’s. Burglars really DO look for piled up newspapers – just ask my parents who had their house broken into on vacation a few years ago. There was a mix up with the newspaper office and their delivery continued while they were away, resulting in a pile of newspapers that just screamed NOBODY IS HOME!

2. Stop being social. You never know who is really reading your tweets and Facebook updates. While it’s exciting to tell your friends you’re off to a remote locale with white beaches and drinks with umbrellas, it’s not wise to put that information out there in cyberspace.

3. Don’t make it a cave. A lot of advice says to close up the drapes, but this is problematic for a few reasons. One, it looks shady. Unless you’re a hermit the other 51 weeks a year, having everything shut up just looks like something is up. Two, it makes it very easy for someone to move around your house unplugging electronics if nobody can see in the windows.

4. Make friends. If you’re friendly with your neighbors, it’s a great idea to let them know you’re headed out-of-town and that nobody is supposed to be at your house. They’re more likely to notice any weird activity than if you didn’t mention it. You can tell them that when it’s their turn, you’ll be glad to keep an eye on their place for them.

5. Light it up! Using a timer for lights makes it risky for someone to consider breaking in. Having one light in a main area is a great idea, but I’m also a fan of having a bedroom or bathroom light going on and off on a different interval somewhere else in the house. Timers are inexpensive and many are digital and easy to set now.

6. Chuck the rock. Don’t hide a key in a rock, under a mat, in a plant, under a cushion.. just, don’t hide a key. Any place you can think of probably is old hat to someone who is a career criminal. You’re not as crafty as you think you are, so just don’t do it.

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