Six years later and I still react to memories of the attack.

It’s been over six years since I was attacked by a stranger outside of my old apartment. And I thought I was completely over it. Apparently, I’m not.

This morning my little man got up at five. Just what every mama wants…a crabby, super early riser on Saturday morning. But at our house, we make the best of these things. We got up, had breakfast and hung out with the puppies. We played with blocks. We watched a little Disney. And then he went down for a nap.

Being a normal 20 week pregnant woman, I turned on the news and sat my patootie down on the couch to start a little nursery planning. Hey, if I’m up, I’d better be having fun, right?

I was halfway paying attention to the news. Suddenly, three words went from the screen to my ears: Glen Mills School. GMA was doing a feature on “how much fun” their staff had spending the day mentoring at risk youth at this Pennsylvania boys school. It happens to be the place where my attacker was sent all those years ago...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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