Skills Guide for Mass Effect

Previously I have read some of the Raiders and I have some experience to share when playing Mass Effect on Xbox 360. Hope this will help you.

First, we should turn off automatic updates.

When at level 1 ~ 5, the leaders can get 3 skill points when level up 1 level and his teammate get 2 points.

For level 6 ~ 20, the leader and his teammates can win 2 skill point.

For level 21 ~ 35, the leader gets 2 points and his teammates 1point.

For level 36 and above, all can get 1 point.

First it is proposed to determine the feelings you want. When you go out each time bring her or him with you and the left is free to allocate a quota.

First, look at ASHLEY. She is a pure fighter role and major upgrade assault training and fitness skills to unlock some of the skills. The four kinds of weapons can be arbitrarily selected two to specialization combat armor to fill.

Then look at WARX. This person is a bloody cow and can replace the position of ASHLEY. Combat armor ASHLEY to fill and is bloody cow. When the fitness stasis can be added to unlock the immunity, add a bit of stasis. Then you can temporarily control of the rushing KROGAN. immunity after holding a SHOTGUN to rush to beat a very cool through chaos.

TALI is strongly recommended to bring the role of the person. She is an engineer by unlocking what's on her way to upgrade weapons and accessories. what's on the plus points is the need to focus on electronics and decryption, because the game has a lot to be open to the master Some boxes also need to master. Damping quests can let the other party is temporarily unable to release the biological and technical skills that you can add a little hacking is no need for it can only affect the game other than the mechanical types in addition to GETH game units are mainly mechanical units GETH Furthermore. Since TALI can only be equipped basic armor, so must take the shield boost height is not high because TALI combat, you can choose GARRUS alternative GARRUS can provide strong support for the battle is also the best sniper seedling.

LIARA similar to general RPG throw in the Master's role is to unlock the lift down the enemy attack range recommended after the role is added to master. Singularity call out a small black hole with terrible side effect of proposed anti-lift added to fill advanced can In addition, barrier fills otherwise LIARA very easy to be down. asari scientist to fill as soon as possible so you can provide first aid treatment is not so necessary to add a little KAIDEN If Xiangnong full squad with only his human and ASHLEY then electronics and decryption to fill the absence of weapons specialists so the throw and lift his main means of attack barrier but also to fill.

Yes, the protagonist's charm and intimidate skills are very important to open new dialogue options is the difference between the former Gentle persuasion clich├ęs like the latter is a threat to the dialogue choice related to the protagonist of paragon (model value) renegade (rebellious value) in addition charm to rise later when you can buy equipment to get a discount intimidate I did not add too is not very clear also can be added after the main character to become specture training skills is important in the overall ability to improve the main character can also learn unity skills, this skill can be in combat when you wake up "dead" teammate (teammates die just after HP lighting "faint" a)

Recommendations on firearms: Weapons and equipment level restrictions: 1 to 6 characters when using Class I 7 12 II weapons grade weapons 13 ~ 18 III 19 ~ 24 IV 25 ~ 30 V 31 ~ 36 VI 37 ~ 42 VII 43 ~ 48 VIII 49 ~ 54 IX 55 ~ 60 X If you want directly from NORMANDY division ordnance on board equipment needs to buy a license buy a license from the store.

The early lead with a pistol and SHOTGUN best combination of accuracy and power that are guaranteed at this time of the assault rifles are not allowed once the sweep up the slow recovery of sight is equal to almost sniper rifle muzzle not take it, but if the shaking of the have confidence in marksmanship can ignore this point. In addition, there are various game accessories and equipment which can be upgraded and replaced. Warhead parts can also be diverse.

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