Minding Your Own Business | Bad Blogger Pitches (The Other Side of the PR-Blogger Relationship) (Room 6F)

BlogHer has produced many many sessions over the years focused on bad PR pitches. It’s certainly advice that never gets old, and advice that is, all too often, still needed. But some noble PR professionals are here to tell you: they get bad pitches too. As the blogosphere has changed, bloggers are getting more proactive about trying to secure work, sponsorship, gigs, and more from brands. And mis-steps happen. Again: all too often. The PR professionals on this panel aren’t just PR experts, they’re close to the BlogHer community specifically. They’re going to tell you exactly what works and what absolutely doesn’t. ‘Cause tough love goes both ways! Liz Gumbinner (ad exec by day, blogger by night) moderates the conversation with a trio we like to call the "Power Stephanies": Stephanie Agresta from Weber Shandwick, Stephanie Azzarone from Child’s Play Communications, and Stephanie Smirnov from Devries PR.