Minding Your Own Business | When Diversity is Simply Good Business (Room 6F)

Television and print advertising get disproportionate marketing dollars compared to online. Why? Well, change is hard, for one thing. But also: advertisers believe they know every little detail about who is seeing their advertising in those media. Subscriber information and services like Nielsen break down audience into easily identified buckets. But online can also offer the ability to target niche audiences. Entire departments within PR firms and brand marketing organizations are dedicated to finding and reaching diverse audiences, and their existence speaks to a fertile opportunity. But if you’re building an affinity community online, are you finding that the niche marketers are banging on your door?

We've covered for years at BlogHer that this is not always the case–and that remains true to this day. The women on this panel represent a range of such affinity communities, and are making the case that there is a huge opportunity... for them, their communities, and for brands.  As moderator, Deb Rox talks with Ana Flores, Dana Rudolph, Denene Millner, and Tracey Friley, about how to understand your market and proactively position its value to a marketing community that doesn't always realize what they're missing!