Social Media Geek | The BlogHer Geek Bar (Room 2)

On Friday, the Social Media Geek track will answer the long-heard call for more one-on-one and hands-on interaction. It’s our version of the Genius Bar: The BlogHer Geek Bar. Because it’s always 5pm somewhere!  Troubleshoot a specific problem with your site, learn something you always wanted to know, or finally create your own customized hack to fulfill a long-unfulfilled need. 


The first Geek Bar session runs from 10:00am to noon, and will feature 15-minute individual or small group consultations (up to five attendees per timeslot).


Sign up online (on-site signups available, too!) to get some quality face time with the following genius gals on these geeky topics:


Ana Lydia Ochoa: Top Five Tools for Measurement

Deborah Shane: How to Create and Host Killer Podcasts and Internet Radio Shows

Leticia Barr: Everything You Wanted to Know About Social Media Platforms But Were Afraid to Ask (Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Instagram, and Skype.)

Liz Henry: Internet Sleuthing

Shanna Cote: Beginning WordPress