The Write Brain | Essential Blog Content Development Workshop [Double-Slot] (Room 6E)

Maybe you’re new and feeling a little daunted at the prospect of creating content from now until forever. Or maybe you feel like you’ve actually been at it forever and don’t know if you have creative juices left. This workshop is designed to get those juices flowing. This double-length workshop is designed to cover ideationcreation, and manifestation of great blog content!

IDEATION (1:15pm - 2pm, 45 minutes): Britt Bravo, longtime professional "do-good" blogger and "Juicy Blogging" instructor, leads you through exercises to understand who you are, who you think your reader is, and what kind of content would meet your goals. You’ll emerge from this segment with a list of blog post ideas you didn’t know you had in you.

CREATION (2:15pm - 3pm, 45 minutes): Ready to take those ideas into drafts? Great! But forget everything you've heard, there are rules to blogging, and Harvard's own Elizabeth Soutter is here to teach them to you.  She'll cover the basics of how to build a great post, giving you practical, take-home instructions that really will change the way you write.  Bring a draft for a chance to have her edit and critique your work.

MANIFESTATION (3:15pm - 4pm, 45 minutes): You've "ideated" and "created," now you're motivated!  Julie Weckerlein will now show you how to harness that motivation and manifest it in the form of a sustainable blogging practice. She's learned a few tricks on how to be a prolific and polished blogger over the past 10 years while raising a family in the midst of a full-time military career.  She'll help you figure out how to find time when you have none, document your creativity, keep the blogging passion alive, and more.