Skin 101-What Your Skin Needs From Cold to Warm=Fracking?

H20 plus and Ahava

Dear Fashionistas,

Take it from us, we have tried all the magic creams, lotions, potions and oils to keep our skin looking fresh and young.  But, only a few provided results.  So here is the rundown of products to take you from cold to warm weather months:

  1. h20+ Oasis Body Scrub:After the frigid winter full of snow and chilling weather, we need to prep our skin for the blissing summer sun. Not only do we have to step up the summer body game after a long season of sweater weather. Creating the perfect illusory image of glowing skin is a need.  The oasis body scrub is perfect for doing just that. This oil-free body scrub is full of anti-oxidants, enzymes, and a combination of bioactive seawater. h20+ supplies Marine Crystals and Black Rice in the scrub to help polish away dry dull skin, and reveal a healthy glow of skin confidence. Who doesn’t want to feel sexy in their own skin? Massage this scrub into the skin with hands or a loofa and rinse.  Buy it now for $25.00 and radiate in the summer sun.
  2. h20+ Oasis Body Cleansing Water: I know I am always looking for the perfect body wash that doesn’t leave us feeling like we have a thick layer of residue on our skin. The h20+ body cleansing water is a sulfate and oil-free cleanser that regenerates the skins surface of impurities and therefore adds hydration. A light refreshing wash perfect for the spring and summer months.  This light cleanser is a mix of Bioactive Seawater, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes so you are supplying nourishment into the body with a silky foam texture. For $25.00 you can add the body cleansing water to your daily shower routine.
  3. h20+ Oasis Body 24 Hydrator: Are you tired of indulging in the thick body butters in order to keep your skin from flaking during the cold winter season. Well, your skin will thank you for the Oasis Body 24 Hydrator moisturizer.  It is perfect for the warm months because it is oil-free and lightweight. The MariMost technology in the moisturizer uses Phospholipid Microspheres hydrating the skin for up to 24 hours. Filled with Bioactive seawater, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants your skin will feel healthier and lighter in no time. We know we are excited about having radiant dewy skin for the summer by adding the Oasis Body 24 Hydrator into our moisturizer routine for $25.
  4. AHAVA Time To Smooth Age Perfecting Hand Cream: The hands can be the sexiest part of a women’s body. So how do we keep them looking young and lively when they are also the most used body part? The AHAVA Time To Smooth Age Perfecting Hand Cream helps with dark spot correction that evens the skin tone with moisturizing properties. Over 88% of women have seen notable diminution of dark spots. The hand cream includes Dead Sea minerals that help with UV protection and a broad spectrum of SPF 15. The VF Brightening Accelerator Complex helps reduce discoloration and emerging dark spots, ultimately illuminating the skin. The Anti-Aging Complex and Brown Algae decreases the appearance of fine lines and the rough texture of hands. Who doesn’t want their hands to appear youthful and soft? Reminiscing on the days where the terms “like a babies butt” were said out of a response to your skins own texture. The Time To Smooth Age Perfecting Hand Cream is sold for $32 and is perfect for everyday use.
  5. AHAVA Active Minerals Moisture Gel Cream: It is time to put away the heavy day to night creams we have all been religiously using throughout the polar vortex. Say goodbye to the heavy night and day creams we thickly apply to our faces in order to have no dry spots. Spring is here (even if the weather doesn’t prove it, the calendar does) and it is time to invest in new face creams that leave the face fresh with the perfect dewiness. Infused with Dead Sea water minerals the gel helps to lock in moisture and protect the skins surface from un-friendly environmental antagonists. For us it is vital to have softer moisturized skin for the spring and summer that leaves us looking radiant. It is time to stop complaining about your skins condition after a brutal winter and do something about it! For $40.00 in no time your skin will be glowing.  We love the Active Mineral Moisture Gel Cream!

So see your skin doesn’t have to worry about fracking after all. We got your skin covered!

Let us know if you have any questions or feel free to comment on your favorite skincare regiman!

Fashionista Chicago Contributor,
Rebecca Jacobson

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