Skin Care Favorites



I know it’s only the middle of autumn but I’m already feeling the effects of the chilly weather on my skin. My arms are feeling a little itchy and dry and my elbows – well, I’m having a hard time seeing them,  but they feel kind of rough. My feet are another issue and now is the time to head off future problems involving cracked heels and flaky skin.

My arsenal? All available from the drugstore/grocer of your choice!

But the very first step –  which I highly recommend for maximum effectiveness of my dry skin regime is: exfoliating.

Get yourself one of those little scrubby things, try a loofah or grab a washcloth and do a little scrubbing. Removing dry dead skin cells will help you absorb moisture. You needn’t exfoliate every day, once or twice a week will do.

Next, I like to use body wash in the colder months. I know there are hundreds of moisturizing, super emollient and nourishing bar soaps available and I’m not knocking them, but I find that body washes seem to soothe my skin better and there are dozens of them available as well.

Over the years I’ve tried a wide variety of these shower gels and creams and washes and, I have to say that the line of Olay Body products are all-around amazing.

Available in tons of variations (with microbeads, with moisture ribbons, with skin purifying ingredients) they can be easily had for under seven dollars.


These are only three of them, but for that price one could certainly try more than one.








Fresh out of the shower, towel gently and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Would you be shocked if I tell you I’m presently loving Lubriderm?



Light and fresh and not-quite-scented it glides on easily and doesn’t leave me feeling sticky or greasy. The spf protection is an added plus.








The Lubriderm people were at BlogHer last summer and that’s how I got a tube of this:

more lubriderm

Lubriderm’s new Intense Skin Repair Body Cream.

Fragrance free and non-greasy, LSRBC is perfect on my rough elbows and itchy feet.

Intense Skin Repair has timed-release moisturizers and seems to be doing a great job on knees and elbows. Thank you Lubriderm!





My secret weapon for dry winter hands? Neutrogena Hand Cream.

Hand cream


If it’s good enough for Norwegian Fisherman, it’s good enough for me. These tubes last forever because you only use a tiny dab. A tiny dab!








Have teenage skin or unexpected patches of breakouts on your back or shoulders (backne, my teens call it)? This is their secret weapon

 Body Clear

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash.  Non-drying, easy lathering with no medicinal scent, my guys are happy to use it and report good results.









So, there you are, my favorite healthy skin products.

Go forth and exfoliate, lather up and moisturize away!



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