Skin Need Some TLC?

Does your dry skin need some TLC? Sometimes the best treatments are the ones you can do right at home. Here are two that I use and love:

Bath Treatments

Add a ¼ to ½ a cup each of rosewater and coconut milk to your bath water. The scent is relaxing and the coconut milk will help to soften and rehydrate your skin. You can find plain rosewater at your local pharmacy. I like to use rosewater and glycerin as an after bath lotion, it seals in the moisture and enhances the rose scent. You may want to rub in a little organic, virgin coconut oil on any extra dry areas, such as the feet, elbows and hands.

Another bath favorite is a few drops of essential oil of lavender and a cup of baking soda. My grandmother taught me this one. Soak for 20 minutes or so and your skin won’t feel as irritated. Even though a steaming hot bath feels wonderful, this bath takes a slightly cooler temperature. Again, make sure to apply your favorite oil or lotion afterwards. I like lavender scented rapeseed oil.

Need some help choosing an essential oil?

You truly can choose just about any scent that is appealing to you. My recommendation is to choose one that is wild harvested and certified organic. Orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and tangerine are all wonderful citrusy mood lifters. Like something a bit more spicy? Try cardamom, rosemary or bergamot. If you are in need of a more soothing scent try vetiver, pine, sandalwood, clay sage, or chamomile.

Be the Path!


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