The Skinny


Washington, DC
United States

* To give the bare fashion facts without a lot of unnecessary detail *

Raquel Lynne is the Publisher and Editor in Chief for The Skinny. She is a Fashion, Techyand Research expert who is finally working in a discipline that she has always been passionate about – fashion!  She’s fun, goofy and also loves to laugh, can you tell (looking at picture to the right)?

Raquel Lynne grew up with an appreciation for fashion – both new and vintage. Her first taste of the fashion world was when her Grandfather gave her her first vintage handbag at the age of six. From there on, her pretend play was spent designing and dressing up her dolls in what she considered fashionable. Her Saturdays were spent shopping for the latest fashion with her Mother Martha and her Aunt Gertrude. Between combing the racks at the top department stores, she also combed the racks at consignment shops always finding those pieces that stood out from the rest.

With a MBA in hand, Raquel Lynne also has a thriving management consulting firm called AP which helps fashion brands and businesses improve its efficiency and profitability.  If interested in any of the services offered by Raquel Lynne, please contact her via email.