Skinny Face With Wrinkles

I keep checking out my face in the mirror and it's so fun to see.  It's thin.  It's almost fit.  This is, of course, when I'm not making some other expression or moving my head because then all my wrinkles appear and the chin that is sagging beneath is clearly apparant, but at a certain angle and in a certain light - it's pretty dang nice!

I've been eating a bit more heartily the last few days (mind you, heartily means like 100 more calories and not what I can envision it meaning) and the scale is hovering around the next goal post.  Of course, the scale at the rec center will be three pounds more,  but that's okay.

I did the circuit routine today, but it took all day to finally get it done.  I began this morning and then found other things that seemed far more important.  Can we say FLAKE!  But I kept on my exercise clothing and at 4:45 I got my act together.  It wasn't so bad when I was almost done with it, but I think there is something nice to having a person on a screen to do it with.  I did turn up some music nice and loud and that helped.  This weekend I may try to dig out some of my old music or burn a CD (wow - that is ambitious)to be more prepared for next week.

All in all - an okay way to end the week.

Still quite chunky.  Still over my BMI.  Still can't fit clothes from yore.  Still have fat knees.  But I feel a bit stronger, bit healthier (my cold is almost gone), and I like seeing this slenderized version of my face.


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