Skinny Fruity Treats

Summer is finally here and so is the heat! The perfect way to cool off is with some sweet fruity treats. These treats are easy and quick to make for yourself, kids, or when hosting a BBQ for your friends and family. One of our favorite and healthy treats to snack on are fruits. There is an abundance of summer fruits that you can just eat plain (or add a little cool whip on top). But…sometimes you may want to mix it up a bit, so give one of these a try.


1.     Fruit Popsicles


Homemade popsicles are all the rage this summer. They are the perfect way to cool down. When you make your own popsicles, you have control of what you put in them. This makes it a lot healthier than store bought popsicles. Popsicles are not just for kids to enjoy, if you’re feeling spontaneous, make alcoholic flavored popsicles for the adults to enjoy too. 

2.     Fruit Kabobs

A fun new way to display your summer fruits at a party or for your kids to have a healthy treat when coming back home.

3.     Grilled peaches/watermelon drizzle honey or balsamic on top



 When you grill fruits, like peaches and watermelon, it brings out caramelized flavors that the fruits have to offer. 


4.     Frozen yogurt covered blueberries


These are a quick and easy snack you can make within minutes. Take blueberries, cover them in yogurt (we like low fat vanilla Greek yogurt), then pop them into the freezer. These are a great snack or appetizer for parties.

5.     Strawberry Lemonade 


Popsicles4 has a great recipe for strawberry lemonade that will keep your guests refreshed before dinner. 


Remember to wind down this summer and enjoy yourself!



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