Skip the Boxed Stuff: Homemade Spanish Rice

I love rice. Especially the rice that comes with tacos, enchiladas, burritos.. you get the picture. The only problem is that restaurant Spanish rice is loaded with fat and sodium, and the boxed Spanish rice from the store isn’t any better (sodium-wise). This past weekend I had my parents over for dinner, and I made poblano peppers stuffed with this tasty rice! This was incredibly easy to make and took almost no preparation. And it’s cheap. The whole dish lasted at least 10 servings and only cost about $5. That’s 50 cents per serving!

Per serving, this rice contains very little sodium and has a ton of flavor. It was taste-approved by the salt-loving boyfriend– he didn’t reach for the shaker once.

small 1 
Next time, I’m going to experiment in making it with brown rice.

Click here for the recipe!


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