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     I hear from my guy friends that drew berrymore is hot.  They like her appearance, and she may have tried to set an ex's house on fire.   This is just what I hear.  But her movies don't come around too often.  Unlike Cameron Diez and Jennifer Aniston who light up the screens with thier smiles, their eyes, and their... etcetera.  I ask, are their looks keeping, or are they practically preserved?  I have always swayed my prefrance of actress towards the once child actress.  She seems to have chosen her roles well for one, and maybe I'm just a fan of starting small and growing your brand.  I think child actresses have some gumption to grow up right in front of our eyes.  Their privacy a concept kept so dear to them, that I certainly couldn't imagine the weight or full streth of it's influence.  I know I'm not Drew Berrymore, with her grace, and her aptitutde, but I sling clay well, and that's what I'm primarily here to do, me.  As long as I can, with as much charisma as I can bring.  So like in the movies, but skipping to the point, I'll clue you in to what this blog is about.  It's about musings, without the podcast, it's a way to transcribe my week's events. It's about taking responsibilty for taking part of the world, and giving back.  So I've given you a review of Drew.  I've filled you in on what you can anticipate from this blog.  I give you thanks for reading.  

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