Skipping breakfast defeats being healthy

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Healthy BreakfastWhen you roll out of bed and get yourself ready for the day, do you remember to eat something? Is breakfast a part of your routine? I never ever do. Only time I remember is when I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee and the shakes are kicking in. By then I'm not feeling well and it's pointless because it's almost lunch time. Then I find myself "starving to death" and will start snacking on anything and everything in the house. Or I get this stupid misconstrued idea that I can eat a bigger lunch and be okay.

Reality: this thinking is all wrong! I'm doing myself nothing but harm by skipping breakfast. And don't mistake that thinking eating anything in the cupboards or grabbing something from your local convenience store as a real breakfast. Oh no, we must make better choices for breakfast to be beneficial to our weight loss and health. Some simple reasons why we should not be skipping breakfast:

- Eating a good healthy meal in the morning improves our concentration and performance for the day.

- Breakfast increases our strength and endurance output when we are physical during the day.

- Healthy packed foods in the morning promote cholesterol levels to drop. - Eating more Vitamins and Minerals.

- A well balanced breakfast helps control your weight gain. So what should we be eating? Try incorporating, mixing and mashing some of these ideas:

Whole Grains:


Rolls, bagels, hot or cold whole grain cereals, make ahead low fat bran muffins. If you buy in bulk you can put rolled oats, rolls, bagels in some nice glass containers. I love glass, the easier it is to see the items the more likely you are to use them. And if you're having a lazy day on the weekend, whip up a batch of muffins to get you through the week.

Low Fat Protein:

Hardboiled Eggs

Opt for almond butter as a healthier alternative, lean meat, precooked poultry or fish to add onto a whole grain bagel/roll, or make ahead some hard boiled eggs to grab out of the fridge as you run out the door.

Low Fat dairy:

Cottage cheeseSkim milk, low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheeses like cottage cheese (which to be perfectly honest I still can't eat without gagging)

Fruits and Veggies:

Healthy fruit breakfast 100% juice beverages with no added sugar, freshly made fruit and veggie smoothies. Don't forget to check the Dirty Dozen guide when buying fresh produce.  


When you combine any of these options together you are setting yourself up for a fabulous day full of healthy engery to seize the day. Try it for a week, I promise you'll be amazed at how better your days will feel.


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