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There are so many cute Halloween T-shirts for kids it seems unfair that mom and dad are left in the cold.  Sure if I wanted to go the Halloween sweater route I could, but I don’t.  I want to celebrate Halloween fashionably.  I want to look festive, but not foolish.  Is it possible?  Can it be done?  Maybe not if I try to find a shirt at the stores, but perhaps if I make my own.  I feel a DIY project (or two) coming on.

Skull T-shirts can look cheesy.  There I said it.  If you are a uh, ahem – older woman like myself you have to be careful sporting a skull.  All skulls are not created equal.  In my mind Day of the Dead skulls are cooler than say Bret Michaels bedazzled type skulls.  When I saw the geometric skull DIY on Minted Strawberry I immediately knew – this is a good skull.  Such a good skull in fact I would wear it year round and not just in October.  I’m also thinking it would make a rad embroidery pattern too.

You can get a skull on your shirt in a lot of different ways.  You could paint, embroider, stencil them or in my case cut them.  I was seeing oodles of clever DIY skull shirts on the web this fall.  Most not exactly right for this mother of two.  I instead decided to make my skull shirt work-out attire.  Now I can feel festive as I jog!  I also dyed my shirt this tombstone gray tie-dye.  Pop over to my blog Naughty Secretary Club for the full tutorial.

So how are you showing your Halloween pride?  Trying to squeeze into your daughters ‘Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun Shirt” or taking matters into your own DIY hands?


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