Slacker Mom, Spanking Trick or Treaters and Halloween Shenanigans

We had a great Halloween.  Our older kids are in the "prime time" for Halloween fun.  At seven and four, they are at the perfect ages for dressing up and being so excited for Trick or Treating.  We hosted a few families at our house for pizza and scouring the neighborhood for candy.  The dads took the big kids in search for loot and the moms convened in our driveway, drinking peppermint mochas and handing out candy to hundreds of trick or treaters.  It was awesome.

It was awesome, except for the fact that in all of the excitement, I failed to take the traditional Halloween costume picture of the boys.  Slacker Mom.  Instead, the only picture I have is of my oldest son and his friend hiding in a recycling bin at the end of the night, waiting to scare all of the teenagers! 
That was the highlight of the night for my oldest son.  He is already scheming Halloween shenanigans for next year!  We even hoisted the little kids into the bin for a picture.  So, I guess I did get two pictures of the kids, sans complete costumes, in a recycling bin.
While handing out candy, we witnessed not one, but two, small children receive spankings for not wanting to trick or treat.  They received small swats on their bottoms, followed by and admonition to, "Go get some candy."  Now, my children have received spankings for defiance or placing themselves in danger after a clear warning to avoid said danger.  "Do not go into the street.  There is a car coming!"  However, spanking for not wanting to trick or treat?  I think I would have just taken my child home and tried again next year.  What do you think?
Although we didn't get any costume pictures on Halloween night, luckily, Middle Kid has a costume soccer party this afternoon and we will get a picture then.  Twenty years from now, no one will know that the picture was taken two days later!  Unluckily, I am out of laundry detergent and the Tot will be wearing his costume a little sucker-stained.  
How was your Halloween?  Did you get cute pictures of your kiddos?  We have a house in our neighborhood that hands out over 1,000 hot dogs on Halloween night, the hot dog house.  I'm trying to convince the hubs that we need to get a popcorn machine so we can be the "popcorn house" and hand out loads of fresh popcorn next Halloween.  Do you have any one in your neighborhood that does something out of the ordinary?


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