Slash Your Carbon Footprint

This is no longer about "peak oil": there is actually plenty of fossil fuel left in the ground. But if we burn all that at the current rate, we'll fry the planet, and ourselves. Bill McKibben spells out the math on that, which is simple - and very scary.

We can wait for our government to work itself out of gridlock - or we can be pro-active and do our bit. For no matter what a government can do to encourage and coordinate the reduction of carbon emissions, it will also require the active participation by individuals: you and me.

The good news: there is a lot of low-hanging fruit. The way we live is so wasteful that it's easy to make cuts in our carbon footprint without feeling much pain - simply by playing the energy efficiency card.

More good news: there is a lot of money to be saved in cutting our carbon footprint.


Read more on HOW to slash your carbon footprint at CelloMom On Cars


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