A slave to your scale....

Last night I was talking (and I stayed up toooooo late doing so lol) to a friend about her diet and fitness woes and she and I got into a subject that I REALLY need to talk about!  The scale.....it's the end all, the be all, the EVERYTHING when it comes to fitness, exercise, and weightloss.  Or is it??

Of course it ISN'T!  Why are you giving a mechanical piece of junk so much control over your life?!  A scale should NOT have power over you.  I remember being exactly where my friend was just over a year ago.  She would work really hard, be really focused and feel like she was doing a fantastic job this attempt at getting everything in order....then she would get on the scale.  SABOTAGE.  You get on that scale and it gives you permission....permission to keep going, or permission to give up.  Why?  

You get on that machine, it gives you a number that either validates your efforts or it tears them down.  If you reach a loss, or reach a goal you think, "I'm doing awesome!  I'll keep this up!!!"  or, if you don't reach that goal, don't lose or maybe don't lose as much as you should have or wanted to...."Screw this, I give up....".  I know it, I've said it, I've lived it.  But it's WRONG.

Ok first thing first, let's talk about the scale.  A scale does not measure how fat you are.  It just doesn't.  That's not why a scale was built, it's not the purpose it was meant to serve.  A scale is meant to measure a mass amount of weight.  Just weight.  Think about it.  You hop on the scale naked (lol I know you do!), and you are getting your "true weight".  It's measuring every single piece of you.  The water you drink, the blood in your body, your bones, your muscles, your organs, and yes....your fat.  It does not simply serve the purpose of spewing out a number that is related to fat.  In a given week, your body can fluctuate in the range of 7 pounds if you're a woman because we bloat, we take in water, we go through cycles.  So the answer is to STOP weighing yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY.  You're only going to discourage yourself and give up.

Hide your scale.  Just do it.  You'll be doing yourself a huge favor.  Pull out a tape measure and measure in inches if you need to work with numbers.  Or better yet, go with how you FEEL.  Do you feel STRONG?  Do you feel Comfortable?  Do you feel Confident?  Focus on that.  Focus on how your clothes feel on your body.  Only after you've mastered this trick can you pull out a scale and weigh yourself.....it took me over 6 weeks.  Yup, I had to retrain my brain to not focus so hard on those numbers and make them the be all of my life.  A number does not define where I am in my fitness and lifestyle goals....it just doesn't.

When I get on the scale now, I take a deep breath (yes I'm naked lol shush!) and tell myself "ok, if I haven't lost any weight, that simply means I just need to keep going.  I need to keep working hard, and I know next time I weigh I'll have moved closer to my goal", and then I tell myself, "ok, if I have lost weight, that just means I need to keep going because what I'm doing is working and I'm just getting closer to where I want to be.".  It's that simple.  It's all mind over matter.

The take-away for today....Don't let a scale take your power.  Don't let it give you permission to live your life.  Worry about being Strong, worry about being Confident, worry about being Happy and the rest will fall into place!  

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